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→ you know how it goes. comment, link your thread in your journal, allow people to say what they will.
→ the purpose is for anonymity to allow people to express their real feelings.
→ this meme is not for circlejerking while logged in.
→ ...but in the end, there are no rules. i'm not going to go around deleting threads.
→ that said, needless wank is lame. please try to keep it to a minimum.
→ anon is ON, IP logging is OFF. gogogo.

eta I have turned off custom comment pages. Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention, alexander!
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you've got a friend

No matter how you say you feel about this time of year, sometimes it's hard when everyone else is making pretty plans for Valentine's Day and you're alone. So, in the spirit of the season, here's a feel-good meme for all you single girls and boys out there.

Comment with your username, and your friends will comment with some things that they love about you. Whether it's the way you smile in all your pictures, your artistic talent, or your pretty voice- anything's welcome, as long as it's positive!

Crush confessions are allowed, too. ♥

Anon is on, IP logging is off.

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the almost lovers meme

is there someone you wish you'd met sooner?
someone you should have told how you felt before, and now they're not available?
or maybe someone you just can't manage to tell how you feel.
perhaps a secret crush that makes no sense, but still won't go away.
find their username here and let it all out.
meant to be anon, but logged in is fine too. IP logging is off.